Outside Learning at Gage Farm Schoolhouse

Gage Farm Schoolhouse has created a welcoming space outside for all our little Gage Farmers to Explore, Connect & Grow! Mr Michael is our specialist. Instead of Music or Gym class, Mr Michael enjoys all the arts outdoors with our little Gage Farmers once or twice a week depending on their school schedule. He takes them outside to enjoy our spacious property and when the weather is not the best, he spends time indoors with our students focusing on mindfulness, their social and emotional development and so much more.

Our outdoor spaces include:

Our Playground is a space where all our students love, where you will find our large sandbox with diggers and toys, climbing structure with a captain’s steering wheel, telescopes and slide, play houses, painting easels and a magnetic STEM board with PVC pipes, ramps and balls.

Our Outdoor Classroom is a place where Mr Michael along with other teachers here at Gage Farm will take all classes during their special. Children will explore Geology in the quarry, identify birds through our bird feeders/houses, explore Hydrology through our outdoor water station, practice Horticulture in our raised bed and maker garden.

Garden Space is where our students will take part in planting and watching their plants grow. They will learn about the Life Cycle of different plants and what is needed for every plant to thrive. Children will have the opportunity to try new vegetables and take them home to their families.

Our Shaded Picnic Table Area is a fun place where we go to have snack time and/or lunch outdoors and have nice table space for crafts, games, learning and writing.

Our Horse Paddock Viewing Area is a space inside our fenced in backyard area, that is fenced in far enough away from the horses, so our students can’t touch the horses, but close enough that the children can enjoy watching our horses run, play and explore.

Open Arena is a space where our students strengthen their gross motor skills by playing games and activities. Our students love running, playing, jumping in puddles and building special friendships in our fun open arena.

Nature Trails & Brook: is a space outside our fenced in backyard area, that is enjoyed by all our staff and students. Our nature trails lead down to an open area with benches and a firepit that we enjoy during lessons with our teachers and family fun nights. It also leads down to a brook that stretches across the back of our 15 acre property where our students enjoy crossing bridges to the other side, going for walks in the brook with their rubber boots and looking for all things nature.