Tutoring With Highly Qualified Elementary School Teachers

Serving Children Preschool - Students Entering 3rd Grade

Our focus is to instill a love of reading and writing at an early age by helping them recognize both upper and lowercase letters, their sounds and how to read! As a former First Grade teacher, Mrs. Stone and her team of tutors are highly qualified to help your child create their own “Reader’s Toolbox” with phonics skills that will make them confident and ready for their next school year! It’s never too early to instill the love of literacy into your child.


1 on 1 with instructor:
60 Minutes: $65 per session
30 Minutes: $45 per session

Small Group with 2 or 3 peers with instructor:
60 Minutes: $65 per session
30 Minutes: $45 per session

Enroll in Tutoring

(603) 488-1599 ~ [email protected] - 215 Wallace Road Goffstown, NH 03045

Our Mission

A love for learning begins at an early age and the potential of a child in their early education years is limitless. Director Sarah Stone and Assistant Director Ashley Gile have witnessed and supported the creativity and development of young children for a combined 20+ years in the classroom and in that time forged many meaningful relationships while developing a profound understanding of what children need in order to thrive in an educational setting.

In their own family’s educational journeys, Sarah and Ashley found there to be a gap in options for full-time working parents to affordably secure the childcare they require in an educational environment that engages the whole child with a focus on a love for learning. Local options that fulfill both of these key objectives were priced such that your typical working parent could not afford to enroll their child. By opening Gage Farm Schoolhouse, Sarah and Ashley aim to meet this need and provide a solution that not only benefits our school parents and children, but the community as a whole.

It brings Sarah and Ashley pure joy to have the opportunity to revive an iconic property that was once known as New Morning School and transform it into an innovative hub for early development while retaining the charm and history of the place. Gage Farm Schoolhouse aims to be a lasting inspiration to all our students. Contact us today to learn more about joining our school family!

Our Philosophy

Our goal is to instill a universal love of learning in our students while nurturing students’ individual gifts in an environment where they feel loved, confident and supported. Gage Farm Schoolhouse lives out the Whole Child Approach to Education which ensures each child is physically and emotionally healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged while at school.

Through exciting, hands-on learning opportunities, we inspire creativity and curiosity in both our enriching classroom setting and outside on our beautiful, 15-acre farm. Our students become strong citizens by learning developmentally appropriate problem solving and social/emotional skills that empower them to establish and maintain positive relationships.

Our vision is to be a school family in close collaboration with parents to support each child’s learning experience.