We'll Let Our Student's Families Speak for Us

Gage Farm Schoolhouse is incredible! My daughter has been there for preschool and now in pre-K, and attended camp last summer. I have never seen a place so loving with the kids, and the number of fun activities they do outdoors and indoors is incredible both in school and in camp. They will not EVER be bored. LOL. I can't ever say enough good things about this place. ~ Meghan Lang

Words really aren't enough to express how as a Nana I feel about Gage Farm Schoolhouse. The staff is amazing, I feel they truly love each one of their students as if they were one of their own. When I ask my 5 year old grandson what he likes best about his school he says I love my teachers (Mrs. Ricci and Mrs. Jaime) and my favorite parts of school are tracing the new words we learn and outside learning nature with Mr. Michael.

I am so happy my daughter found this school for my grandson to begin his schooling experience. I feel he will be so prepared to enter elementary school when the time comes. I'm so impressed with how much he has learned since starting school here.

I so wish they went all the way through elementary school. ~ Laura Robbins

Gage Farm has been so amazing for my boys. Not only does it feel like a family here, but I know my boys are in the best hands always.

My boys favorite part is the hands on learning and the outdoor classroom! They look forward to exploring outside and I love hearing what they saw and what they learned everyday. ~ Erin Untiet

From the moment Sarah replied to my inquiry, I knew Gage Farm Schoolhouse was special. The atmosphere the amazing staff has created is unrivaled. Sarah and Ashley are so kind, patient and loving. I honestly don't have enough good things to say. Mrs. Ricci and Mrs. Jaime, have allowed my son to grow and blossom. They foster his curiosity and uniqueness, and I'm amazed at how much he's learned already. He loves going to school and that's all I could ever ask for. Mr. Michael is remarkable! The way he engages his students outside, and meets each student where they are is wonderful. My son loves "Mr. Michael time"! The amount of support, encouragement, and care that we have been provided by Gage Farm Schoolhouse makes me so comfortable and they really do feel like family. I can't wait to send my younger son when he's old enough. I am so thankful we have the opportunity to be a part of this amazing place and that this is where my sons will begin their education journeys. ~Tanya Ricker

cannot believe how much Cooper has flourished and thrived since starting at Gage Farm. He loves going to school and has created such a strong bond with his teachers. He loves to talk about what he learned during the day. Gage Farm has fostered his confidence and he is growing into such an incredible little boy. As part of the curriculum, he has developed emotional intelligence beyond what we would have expected for a child his age. He can manage his feelings, communicate his needs, and set his own personal boundaries. We initially chose Gage Farm because of its proximity to our home. When we moved, we decided that it was worth the 40 minute drive to keep Cooper at Gage because no other school in the area could compare. ~ Steph L’Archeveque

We knew as soon as we saw the post about the Fall 2021 opening of Gage Farm Schoolhouse it would be the perfect school and care for our two youngest daughters. Sarah and Ashley felt like old friends upon our first meeting and tour of the school. The buildings and grounds are absolutely beautiful. There was never a doubt that our littles would become their littles and the teachers and staff would help shape who they’ve grown to become during these first, precious years of their education. Everyday was like sending them to a relative’s home. And every afternoon the girls came home happy, excited, and exhausted! Every part of the curriculum is taught with such enthusiasm. Every event is so special and unique. The girls have learned so much, especially about being kind and loving. We could not have found a better place for our children and we will always have a special place in our hearts for the Gage Farm Schoolhouse family &smp; community.

If only Gage Farm Schoolhouse was preschool-12! ~ Kristen and Stephen Hebert

The teachers and staff at Gage Farm Schoolhouse are AMAZING! They really make you feel like FAMILY! I am so impressed with how far my son has come in such a short amount of time. He is excelling in his vocabulary, writing skills and even socially. It is so reassuring to know my child is in the best care and truly happy and thriving in such a fun and loving learning environment. I highly recommend Gage Farm Schoolhouse. ~ Kayla Ziegwied

Sarah Stone was one of the best things to ever happen to our son. She teaches kids the most important things about life and caring about others and keeping their attitudes positive. Someone who believes in life's true building blocks. We are forever grateful to her, and still use some of her talking points and lessons with our son.~ The Tostis

Sarah was my son’s kindergarten teacher six years ago and I appreciate the foundation of knowledge she gave him to this day. She also currently tutors my daughter. She is genuine, kind, patient and understanding. I have only amazing things to say about her! Sarah is truly a blessing in our lives and an incredibly talented educator. This school will have wonderful leadership and compassionate caregivers. The children will be safe & loved and look forward to coming back every day! ~ Suzanne Caouette

Two of my children were lucky enough to have Mrs. Stone as their teacher! I cannot even begin to describe how amazing she is! Not only is she fully dedicated to her job, but her entire mission is built around each individual child. No other teacher has been able to compare to her patience, love and dedication. She uses any opportunity as a lesson. A visitor to her classroom is a way to help her children learn how to greet someone. There is no limit to her creativity when encouraging children. She treats every child like her own and invests so much into each of her students! ~ Nicole Cobb

Sarah Stone has such an amazing talent for connecting with the students and engaging them and letting them learn and experience new and challenging tasks. She was there to support if needed, but she let them take chances and learn from the experience whether they were ultimately successful in said task or not. They learned much for both outcomes! ~ Christine and Ned Quigley

To be a child of the first class of students taught by Mrs. Stone was a huge honor and privilege. She is a wonderful, kind, patient, caring, and loving woman who has every student's best interest at heart. It can be hard for parents to drop their kids off on their first day of first grade, and even harder for the kids. But Mrs. Stone makes sure every parent and child is okay, and most importantly that they are comfortable. ~ Rheanna Wilson